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Getting the Right Travel Insurance for You

1. Get Travel Insurance as Soon as Possible

One of the greatest mistakes travellers make is waiting to get travel insurance until just before they leave. By putting off buying travel insurance you risk not having cover for the deposits you have already made for your trip should you unexpectedly have to cancel your plans. For example, if you have travel insurance and suddenly become sick and have to cancel your trip, you can make a claim for the deposits you have made on your flights, cruise or accommodation. If you do not have travel insurance you may not be able to recover these expenses.

2. Get Cover for Pre-existing Conditions

Some Travel Insurance companies provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions. For example FAST COVER, which covers Australian travellers of any age, automatically cover 44 pre-existing medical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and coeliac disease. Having cover for these medical conditions means you will be able to make a claim for the cost of medical emergencies caused by the condition. If you do not have cover for your condition, you will not be covered.

3. How much Medical Cover will you have?

Medical Costs can be expensive in a foreign country, so it is important to consider how much medical cover you have. Some insurers provide an unlimited amount of cover for medical expenses. Others may cap the amount. Consider how much you would have to pay if the worst should happen and you needed to go to hospital, have surgery or be medically evacuated. Try to find a policy which can provide a high level of cover for these unexpected medical emergencies.

4. Cover for Every Destination

It is easy to find out if you are covered for a single destination, but if you are going to multiple destinations make sure they are all covered. Check with your insurer that you will be covered for every destination, including those where you stop over for a day or two.

5. Personal Belongings

Travel Insurance companies can offer different amounts of cover for your personal belongings. There can also be limits applied to particular items such as mobile phones and computers. See how much cover you will receive for your belongings and the limits that may apply so that you can be sure you are covered if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

6. Excess: How Much you would Pay

Most insurance policies include a standard excess. The amount of excess is the amount you will be responsible for covering for any claim. For example, if you make a claim of $1000 and your policy applied a $100 excess, you could be reimbursed $900 from your travel insurance company. The amount of excess can vary depending on a traveller's age.

You can often reduce your excess or remove excess altogether by paying an additional premium.

7. Cover for Activities

Some travel insurance companies automatically cover a range of activities. For example, Fast Cover automatically cover you for 35 different activities including trekking, snorkelling and kayaking. That means if you become injured doing these activities, you will be covered. For other more adventurous activities such as skydiving you may need to purchase additional cover from your travel insurer. If you are going skiing or snowboarding, you need to have cover that includes emergencies you may encounter on the slopes.

8. Help When you Need it

Some travel insurance companies can provide you with immediate assistance when you experience an emergency. A quality company will be available 24/7 wherever you are in the world over the phone. This gives you the reassurance that if you need assistance you are only a phone call away from professional help.

Consider these factors when you buy travel insurance so that you can have peace of mind when you travel.

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