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Computer Security No 56: Three Nigerian scammers sentenced to a total of 235 years in prison

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Three Nigerian scammers sentenced to a total of 235 years in prison


Nigerian scammers sentenced to a total of 235 years

"Three Nigerian nationals, who were extradited from South Africa to the Southern District of Mississippi in July 2015, were sentenced to prison this week for their roles in a large-scale international fraud network."

Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, 30, was sentenced to 95 years in prison. Rasaq Aderoju Raheem, 31, was sentenced to 115 years in prison. Femi Alexander Mewase, 45, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After a three-week trial in early 2017, a federal jury found each defendant guilty of offenses involving mail fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud and theft of government property. Ayelotan and Raheem were also found guilty of conspiracies to commit bank fraud and money laundering.

A total of 21 defendants were charged in this case, 12 of whom have pleaded guilty to charges related to the conspiracy, and 11 of whom have been sentenced to date."

(source: ttps://www.justice.gov; image source: The cartoonist group)

Target and State Attorneys General Resolve Investigation with Largest Multi-State Breach Settlement to Date - Posted on May 24, 2017

Nigerian scammers sentenced to a total of 235 years

Background: In December 2013, Target suffered a data breach that affected up to 110 million customers (compromised names, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses). In March 2015 Target reached a class-action settlement with affected customers for $10 million plus attorney fees; in May 2016, Target settled with affected banks for $39 million plus attorney fees; the latest settlement occured in May 2017, with all the States for $18.5 million.

"On May 23, 2017, various attorneys general of 47 states and the District of Columbia announced that they had reached an $18.5 million settlement with Target regarding the states’ investigation of the company’s 2013 data breach. This represents the largest multi-state data breach settlement achieved to date.

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan led the investigation, which found that hackers used credentials stolen from a third-party vendor to access Target’s gateway server and install malware that enabled them to capture consumer data, including names, contact information and payment card information of over 40 million customers. In addition to the monetary settlement, Target will adopt measures to secure and protect consumer information.

For example, Target has 180 days to develop and implement a comprehensive information security program to be overseen by an executive reporting to its CEO and Board of Directors.

The settlement also requires Target to obtain a third-party assessment of the measures it adopts and submit the assessor's findings to the states.

Attorney General Madigan described the measures as setting "industry standards for companies that process payment cards and maintain secure information about their customers."


(source:huntonprivacyblog.com; image source: pinterest)

Android vulnerabilities

Nigerian scammers sentenced to a total of 235 years

1. Judy - malware discovered by Check Point researchers affecting Android devices.

"The malware is an auto-clicking adware which was found on 41 apps developed by a Korean company. The malware uses infected devices to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on advertisements, generating revenues for the perpetrators behind it. The malicious apps reached an astonishing spread between 4.5 million and 18.5 million downloads. Some of the apps we discovered resided on Google Play for several years, but all were recently updated. It is unclear how long the malicious code existed inside the apps, hence the actual spread of the malware remains unknown."

The researchers found several apps containing the malware, which were developed by other developers on Google Play. The connection between the two campaigns remains unclear, and it is possible that one borrowed code from the other, knowingly or unknowingly.

It is believed the total spread of the malware may have reached between 8.5 and 36.5 million users. Similar to previous malware which infiltrated Google Play, such as FalseGuide and Skinner, Judy relies on the communication with its Command and Control server (C&C) for its operation. After Check Point notified Google about this threat, the apps were swiftly removed from the Play store.

We advise you to remove them from your devices asap!


2. Cloak & Dagger is a new class of potential attacks affecting Android devices. These attacks allow a malicious app to completely control the UI feedback loop and take over the device - without giving the user a chance to notice the malicious activity.

The possible attacks include: advanced clickjacking, unconstrained keystroke recording, stealthy phishing, the silent installation of a God-mode app (with all permissions enabled), and silent phone unlocking plus arbitrary actions (while keeping the screen off).

These attacks affect all recent versions of Android (including the latest version, Android 7.1.2), and they are yet to be fixed.

To read more: - http://cloak-and-dagger.org/

(sources: Check Point; University of Georgia; image source: Android Sage)

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About Over 50 Nigerian scammers sentenced to a total of 235 years

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Blockchain & CryptoCurrencies (Part 5)

Nigerian scammers sentenced to a total of 235 years

We started a series about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, We will discuss the Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular (only in the fortnightly Private Security newsletters - even numbers #48, 50, etc).

WannaCry the malware that took over the world

(source: themerkle.com February 2017; image source: bitcoin exchange stack)

To be continued


Memories of jokes

About Over WannaCry the malware that took over the world

About Over WannaCry the malware that took over the world

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