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Computer Security No 36: Cyber-savvy New Year's Resolutions

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Cyber-savvy New Year's Resolutions

About Over 50 Cyber-savvy New Year's resolutions

New Year Resolutions are not hard to keep provided you constantly work on them and review the progress at set periods of time. Everything is really possible, if you are dedicated and flexible to shape the pathway but not the goals.

A US cyber news site (welivesecurity.com) recommends the following steps:

1.    A digital detox

Last year, fifteen million UK Internet users have undergone a 'digital detox'' in a bid to strike a healthier balance between technology and life.

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2.   Get cyber security fit

Take a long term approach and implement small steps. But include changing all your passwords and logging out from social media accounts that don't bring you any benefit or enjoyment.

3.    Install antivirus and malware software

Antivirus is not dead and you should keep your subscription up to date.

4.    Update all software regularly

Patching software is an inconvenience that needs to be part of our digital life. Allow them to take place on all your devices.

5.    Become password savvy

Set calendar reminders to change your passwords and use complex passphrases.

6.    Treat social media accounts with caution

That is if you still keep them. And if you do keep them, secure your accounts.

7.    Apply cyber safe thinking to all devices

Mobile attacks will suffer a huge increase in 2017. Take steady and small steps on a weekly basis to ensure you stay cyber safe.

KillDisk ransomware targets Linux and Windows; deletes your files and demands $218K but won't decrypt

About Over 50 Cyber-savvy New Year's resolutions

KillDisk is from the same family of malware that was used in 2015 to hit several Ukranian power stations, cutting power for thousands of people.

It encrypts files, asks for around $218 K in Bitcoins but does not store the encryption key anywhere on disk or command-and-control server.

The only good news is that ESET researchers found a weakness in the encryption employed by Linux which makes recovery of encrypted files possible, though difficult. You may not be as lucky if you have Windows and you get attacked by KillDisk....

What can you do? Prevention is the best answer:

1.    backups rotated regularly

2.    spam filters

3.    use only up-to-date Antivirus and operating systems

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Browser AutoFill feature can leak your personal information to hackers

Many websites come with web forms, especially on mobile devices. To help the process go faster, Google Chrome and other major browsers offer an "Autofill" feature that automatically fills out web forms on data you have previously entered in similar fields.

However this feature can be exploited by hackers. This trick was discovered in 2013, but Google have done nothing to address the weakness in the Autofill feature.

What can you do? Turn off the Autofill feature:

1.    Here's how to turn this feature off in Chrome:

Go to Settings → Show Advanced Settings at the bottom, and under the Passwords and Forms section uncheck Enable Autofill box to fill out web forms with a single click.

2.    In Opera, go to Settings → Autofill and turn it off.

3.    In Safari, go to Preferences and click on AutoFill to turn it off.

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Course on Cyber Security & Privacy for Directors and Senior Managers

About Over 50 Yahoo disabled email auto-forwarding

Are you prepared for an attack?

Are you aware of your obligations and defence as a director or officer of the companyt?

Have you taken the necessary steps to mitigate the consequences of a cyber attack?

The topics include:

- Define and understand Cyber security

- Identify Directors Cyber obligations in the Corporate Governance context

- Discuss Cyber risk management

- What can you do as a Director and what questions to ask

- Steps required to create a Cyber Strategy (Board level)

Send your enquiries to: - admin@advisoryboardsgroup.com


Memories of jokes

About Over 50 Cyber-savvy New Year's resolutions

Two years ago, on 7th of January, the world gasped as 12 cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine from Paris, were killed by two Islamist boors for having drawn cartoons of Muhammed.

A few days later, Presidents and leaders of the entire world joined by 1 million people marched in Paris to honour the victims and our freedom.

Je suis Charlie

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