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Computer Security No 34: Yahoo disabled email auto-forwarding making it harder for users

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Yahoo disabled email auto-forwarding

About Over 50 Yahoo disabled email auto-forwarding

After suffering a massive 2013 attack, Yahoo finally reports a breach of more than 1 Billion user accounts. They suffered a separate attack in late 2014, which compromised 500 Million user accounts.

In October 2016, they disabled the Mail Auto-forwarding feature, making it difficult for the users to transition to another email service. All of a sudden, the company''s help page posted the following message:

"This feature is under development. While we work to improve it, we've temporarily disabled the ability to turn on Mail Forwarding for new forwarding addresses. If you've already enabled Mail Forwarding in the past, your email will continue to forward to the address you previously configured."

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To delete your Yahoo account (advisable at this stage):

1.   Delete all the folders before you delete the account

2.   Check if you have used your Yahoo password on other sites and change the password and security questions for those sites

3.   If you used a mobile number, beware of "smishing = SMS phishing = downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware)

Simple bug allows hackers to read all your private Facebook messenger chats

About Over 50 Yahoo disabled email auto-forwarding

Israel Gurt, a security researcher at BugSec and Cybet reported a cross-origin bypass-attack against Facebook Messenger, which allows an attacker to access your private messages, photos as well as attachments sent on the Facebook chat.

To exploit this, the attacker must trick a victim in visiting a malicious website. Once clicked, all private conversations by the victim will be accessible to the attacker.

The name: Originull - the vulnerability lies in the fact that Facebook uses a different server to manage the chats than the actual domain (facebook.com).

Affected: 1.8 Billion active monthly users.

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(Still using Facebook? maybe it should be in your New Year resolutions List to close your account, ahead of going to the gym, changing your diet, quit smoking.... and doing all those things you have been putting off....)

Course on Cyber Security & Privacy for Directors and Senior Managers

About Over 50 Yahoo disabled email auto-forwarding

Are you prepared for an attack?

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Have you taken the necessary steps to mitigate the consequences of a cyber attack?

The topics include:

- Define and understand Cyber security

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- Discuss Cyber risk management

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- Steps required to create a Cyber Strategy (Board level)

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About Over 50 Yahoo disabled email auto-forwarding

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