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Computer Security No 32: Facebook & your social whereabouts

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Facebook & your social whereabouts

About Over 50 Facebook & your social whereabouts

Last Friday I attended a national Cyber forum for healthcare. One of the presenter, a top Cyber security expert alerted us to a recent ransomware case he had heard of: an executive received a ransomware note (in the thousands of dollars) linked to the threat to destroy the executive's son profile and reputation on Facebook...

The presenter added: " I would hate to see the day when an executive is asked to hand in the login details to the company he works for....or else a family member's reputation is compromised"

Two years ago, in Romania, a father killed himself and his son after a computer virus led him to believe he would go to jail, as he received a ransomware worth £13,000.

Read the article:- www.dailymail.co.uk

How does a hacker think when they target you? Please read the article below and you may think twice about what breadcrumbs you leave behind in the online world, how much and what you say on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Please read the article below to understand the mind of hacker:

Read more:- www.smartfile.com

Thebasic steps you should take:

1. Educate yourself

2. Stay vigilant

3. Protect sensitive data

4. Purge accounts

5. Stay alert

6. Stay informed

And anyway...why do you need to tell the world everything about you?

Need help unlocking your files in a ransomware attack?

About Over 50 Facebook & your social whereabouts

The BAD news:

The latest facts about ransomware are grim and the Kaspersky newsletter advises they increased 11 fold from Quarter 1 to Quarter 3 in 2016 (Q1 - 2,900 attacks to Q3 - 32,091).

In Q3, an individual was attacked every 10 seconds. One in five people who paid ransom never got their data back.

Virus Arrivals in Cyber: Cerber, Locky and CryptXXX as well as 44,287 ransomware modifications.

Virus Departures (a fix was found): Teslascrypt, Chimera and Wildfire.

The rise of RaaS = Ransomware-as-a-Service - increasingly for hire on the criminal underground.

Read More at:- https://securelist.com

The GOOD news:

The good news is that the world is uniting against the blackhat hackers and in July this year the "No more ransom" project was launched.

They publish fixes to ransomware (but it's hard to keep up with the bad guys):

Read more:- www.nomoreransom.org

Cyber for Directors (Australia)

About Over 50 Saudi Arabia under cyber attack by Iran Malware sources

A new Mandatory Data Breach Notification Bill (Notifiable Data Breaches Bill) was introduced on 19 October into the House of Representatives and has already passed the second reading.

Business that are subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (updated in March 2014) are required to take steps to protect personal information. The 11 APPs (Australian Privacy Principles) give guidance on this.

Questions for Directors and Senior Executives:

- Is your business subject to the Privacy Act?

- Do you have a Cyber Security in place?

- Do you know how, whom and when to notify?

To read more, please go to: https://globalcompliancenews.com

Course on Cyber Security & Privacy for Directors and Senior Managers

About Over 50 Saudi Arabia under cyber attack by Iran Malware sources

Are you prepared for an attack?

Are you aware of your obligations and defence as a director or officer of the companyt?

Have you taken the necessary steps to mitigate the consequences of a cyber attack?

The topics include:

- Define and understand Cyber security

- Identify Directors Cyber obligations in the Corporate Governance context

- Discuss Cyber risk management

- What can you do as a Director and what questions to ask

- Steps required to create a Cyber Strategy (Board level)

Send your enquiries to: - admin@advisoryboardsgroup.com

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About Over 50 Saudi Arabia under cyber attack by Iran Malware sources

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