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Computer Security No 27: Trump & "Cyber"

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- Trump & "Cyber"

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Trump's ideas about Cybersecurity were not very coherent in June when he was interviewed on the subject, but we know he will give a high priority to defending America.

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The critics were laughing in the article:- But this was all before he was elected.


The world is bracing for the future and the way he will handle cyber security.

Trump's anti-regulation stance may have an effect on Internet service providers and the US Federal Communications Commission's rules on Net neutrality (the principle that Internet service providers should treat all traffic equally).


His policies are simplistic, so let's hope they will evolve fast:


Some of his supporters like billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel (one of Facebook's board members), who bucked the trend on Silicon Valley and threw his cash behind Trump, may wish to lend and hand and get him up to speed...

How the Mirai botnet almost took down an entire country, and what your business can learn

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A recent DDOS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) from a Mirai botnet (a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owners' knowledge to send spam nearly killed Internet access across the entire country of Liberia.

Mirai is the open source that was behind the attack on Dyn (that took down Twitter, Netflix, Paypal and others in October).

Cybersecurity specialists call this a "nation-blanking attack" and it looks like a rehearsal for larger countries.


Take aways:

1   Mira botnet 14 was used to attack Liberia, taking nearly the entire country offline.

2   Botnet was based on the same Mirai code used on the attack on Dyn (appearing to be originated by the same actor).

3   The attack on Liberia shows the need for improved security around enterprise IoT (Internet of Things).

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