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Computer Security No 23: Blackmores Running Festival Participants Email Hack

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- Blackmores Running Festival participants email hack

- How to protect your emails from being spied on

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Blackmores engaged Pont3 to collect email addresses and lots of personal details necessary for them to spam you afterwards with Vitamin emails. The only problem is that the email database was hacked and so far over 33,000 participants have received a variety of spam and phishing emails.

As a participant in the 9Km run (I am not bragging as one of my colleagues, is running marathons around the world), I was also affected.

About Over 50 Blackmores engaged Pont3 to collect email addresses

It looks like the spinach is cyber-safe, despite lower levels of iron than initially claimed.

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How to protect your emails from being spied on

A friend of mine, who incidentally works in the big data aggregation, sent me the link to this article. If you use google mail, your emails are being analysed for marketing and advertising purpose. The solution to not having your emails analysed is to use cryptography, ie your encrypted emails can only be decrypted by the receiver.

Importantly, there are companies that offer end-to-end cryptography like ProtonMail and Tutanota. Whilst we all want our privacy to be respected, there are cases when it is in the public interest for emails to be revealed or accessed.

There have been recent cases however, when Apple and Microsoft refused to hand over data or backdoors to criminals’ accounts or mobile phones.

Is privacy becoming a utopic concept? Or perhaps the last frontier we need to defend?

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