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Computer Security No 18: Zero day exploit

Corporate Computer Security

Zero day exploits for sale

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- Zero day exploits for sale

- ATMs hacked in Thailand and Taiwan

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Zero day exploit = is an undisclosed software vulnerability that hackers can exploit to adversely affect computer programs, data or other computers on the network. This refers to a vulnerability (bug) that was not reported, is not known by the software vendor; it leaves the software vendor with "0 days" in which to create a patch or advise workarounds.

Bitcoin = digital asset and currency; companies like Paypal, Microsof, Dell, Expedia, Zynga, Virgin Galactic, Greenpeace, Mozilla foundation, University of Nicosia, etc now accept bitcoins. Bitcoins are often used in underworld online transactions as they allow anonymous transfer.

Some of the large companies, like Google pay considerable sums of money to hackers (white-hat ie. ethical hackers) to discover and advise them of software bugs in their software. Others, like Apple choose not to.

Zero day exploits for sale

Recently, a darknet marketplace called "TheRealDeal Market' has emerged with the vision to broker zero-day attack methods and code. It uses Tor for anonymity and trades in bitcoins. It has a small list to start with, with price tags for exploits of around $17,000 in bitcoins (about 20 bitcoins). Another exploit that claims to work via Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Windows Visa and Windows 7 is available for $8,000.

The dilemma is that if they try to prove the validity of the exploits, they need to reveal them.

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ATMs hacked in Thailand and Taiwan

The central bank of Thailand has shut down half of its ATMs (around 3,300 of its 7,000 nationwide), suspecting an Eastern European gang of defrauding the machines of US $ 350,000 in August 2016. So far, it appears only the NCR machines were hacked.

This was a repeat of the Taiwan attack which took place in the previous month. In Taiwan, they managed to arrest a Latvian and two Romanian nationals but missed the other 13 suspects which fled the country.

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