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Computer Security No 10: Pokemon Go

Corporate Computer Security

How vulnerable are we really?
Pokemon Go
What's wrong with your pa$$w0rd?
Are you thinking you are at risk when you pay online?

Pokemon go privacy message

When people signed up to Pokemon Go through their Google account, Niantic (owner of Pokemon Go) requested full access. An app with full access can modify most of your information in you Google account (it can see content of gmail, google docs, google drive and google calendar).

Niantic realised very quickly that its collected data pool has become a "honeypot" for hackers. It fixed the issue (if you use it you need to download the update) – See the following link - www.wired.com

What's wrong with your pa$$w0rd? TED talk at: - www.ted.com

Are you thinking you are at risk when you pay online?

About Over 50 Personal Computer Security Pokemon Go

Are you thinking you are at risk when you pay online?

In a report released by Worldpay (a payment services provider with over 400,000 customers), we learn that:

*  Most merchants are treating mobile transactions the same way as any other and not assessing them differently for fraud risk

*  Merchants are not sharing data effectively with their fraud teams and more information could help them make much richer decisions

*  Social media is heavily used in manual review and is an area of significant potential

*  Merchants know the the future will be about more data and more automation of fraud assessment

To download the report: www.worldpay.com

Moderated by Monica Schlesinger: www.advisoryboardsgroup.com.au



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