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Computer Security No 9: Security Locky Ransomware

Corporate Computer Security

Locky is the pet name of a virus that can be emailed to unsuspecting people. They open the document or file sent as an attachment and Locky strikes. What happens next:

- Locky locks your files; they become xxx.

- Locky locks your backups

- You get a message asking you for ransom; if you pay the ransom, the crooks give you the key to unlock the files

More explanations on how Locky looks like and general rules to protect yourself if you run Windows are given below:

Naked Security

About Over 50 Personal Computer Security Locky Ransomware

Once you click on the executable or enable the macros, Locky runs as you (as a user).

If you have permission to run or delete your backup files, then Locky will take over all the files that you can modify.

A few ways to defend yourself:

Use up to date security software, firewalls turned on, keep all your software up to date.

*  Disable all but digitally signed macros in Microsoft Word (see link below showing you how to do it)

*  Do backups in the cloud

*  Do not run the backups as you (as a user) but rather as the administrator

*  Do not give yourself administrator permissions! Limit all user permissions


Check with your IT manager that these steps were implemented or implement them yourself.

Moderated by Monica Schlesinger: www.advisoryboardsgroup.com.au



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