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Heading Back to Work: Cover Letters and Resumes'

Want a Job? You will need a Resume and Cover Letter

Important! Be sure to write up a brief covering letter about yourself and your past achievements and attach that to the front of the resume. You may have heard that COVER LETTERS are out of place these days. DON'T believe it!

We have a federal Government that is motivating employers via programs to help people get back into work one of those is called,


The drive is promote business to employ people over 50, and reward them for doing so! These programs would be helping create plenty of jobs for people over 50.

To help you secure one of these jobs, prepare yourself by putting together a solid resume and A COVER LETTER.


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Learn more about things you can do to help you land a job WORK

This is the age of electronic communication so you are able to get your resume and COVER LETER in front of many employers, those that advertise for employees and also those that do not advertise.

The internet is a wonderful tool that has millions of businesses advertising in your selected field, all you need do is look them up and send in the resume with cover letter via there contact page. You never know they might be looking for someone with your talents?

You have the opportunity to build a bridge by telling the story about your impressive career and your accomplishments to any prospective employer, targeting that businesses needs and helping you secure a potential job interview.

That is the one of main reason the experts recommend using an opening message or using a cover letter, you gain an advantage over others because you will have had already displayed your professionalism, communication skills, writing prowess and energy. You Job as a Job Seeker! Is to empress the future employer enough to get the interview and ultimately securing the JOB!

As an over 50 job seeker you have a lot to gain by writing a covering letter, however, it is advisable to write a cover letter for EVERY APPLICATION you make targeting that position, DO NOT just send the same letter to every prospective employer. You're looking to secure a JOB! You might have to write a number of covering letters, DO IT! It's worth it.

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