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CoinSpace S Coin - 'Super Senior Entrepreneurs'

With the world's population getting older by the day, it should not be surprising to learn that a very large portion of new businesses are started by entrepreneurs aged 50 years and over.

As we age we gain valuable experience along the way, so it goes without saying that those living a retirement type of lifestyle can adapt best to using time and knowledge that is required to develop a new business.

Research tells us, that this age group are setting the pace and are establishing themselves as the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship, leading to the development of the term 'Super Senior Entrepreneurs'.

Some of the over 50s want to start their own business or businesses as a way to combat age discrimination other than go looking for work. For others starting a business it is a driving force to gain the financial incentive. They may not have enough put aside in superannuation to see them right through retirement. Then there are always people that just do not want to retire and feel that working keeps them alive, healthy and engaged with other in the community.

One or more of our CoinSpace members are over 50, a case in point Patricia Devine. Patricia is 66 years young and I say young because of her attitude, she was at a point in her life where she was very comfortable and then made an error judgment, as many of us have done.

This created a situation where she was taken out of her comfort zone financially. So rather than sit around doing nothing she made a very conscious decision to take action and just under a year ago when she became one of the very first people to join CoinSpace.

A home keeper and house wife Patricia will tell you, "I was placed into a position where I had to do something, here I am at 65 but felt that I still had so much more to offer."

She felt weary of the stigma that surrounds seniors that are employed and wondered how she would find work at her age? So she decided to go look for something new, she had been previously involved in a number of things where you buy, sell, stock and deliver products, direct marketing as such.

She thought that was no longer an option but something in that type of field might be good where she did not have to stock or deliver goods. Maybe look a franchise of some sort? That mean t having money to start and while it might give her some flexibility it was not a financial option. Then the hassle of setting up, establishing owning business.

THEN! She was introduced to COINSPACE! She saw the potential immediately!






She saw an opportunity to be able to HELP others in situations just like hers.

With CoinSpace she could become a member and CREATE an ACCOUNT for FREE! She did not have to start her own business because this was brand new and she was able to get involved with something very new and very exciting and she did not need to stock or hold onto products.

Patricia today is at a point where she travels the country telling people about, an introducing them to CoinSace and the benefits the company has to offer people just like her when becoming a member.

She will be the first to tell you that all her financial worries have been left behind. That was only 11 months ago and in that she has gone from strength to strength. Patricia will tell you

"You have the very same opportunity I am enjoy right now, and I will help you! I love what I am doing, I have helped introduce over 1000 people join Coinspace and am here to tell you THEY ARE ALL MAKING MONEY!"

Now 66 years old, Patricia has never looked back. During a recent stint to the Philippines she helped one of her CoinSpace team members set up 45 people with CoinSpace accounts. People from all over the world are saying they have never seen anything like Coinspace.

Sometimes becoming a seniorpreneur can be a complete lifestyle change for couples. For others nothing changes except the way they enjoy the money they earn.

Charlie Summers is a farmer with a few acres on Queensland, joined Coinspace late in 2015 to help offset his income, we should mention Charlie is in his 70's and is making stagging commissions from working with in the Coinspace network, not to mention the Coins he now has in his account. After working in very different industries; Charlie on his farm and Patricia working as a house wife, both made the decision to create Accounts with CoinSpace.

Not only were they enjoying their new career direction, due to the success of their first networking opportunity they both decided to expand and help other do the same.

The pair are still enjoying what they were doing and they say that "We love the flexibility and independence of working for ourselves but more than anything else we enjoy getting more people involved, making new friends and generating a great income and we offer a service that meets everyone needs."

Lots of people of all ages are joining with CoinSpace as we are recommending you do to! If your reading about these people and you're looking for a way that you too can generate an income and be involved with a group of people that are really going places do not hesitate a moment longer - GET STARTED - CREATE AN ACCOUNT HERE

Look to the future! You can be involved with something very new. One last thing OPPORTUNITIES LIIKE THIS ONLY COME ALONG ONCE! and they close just as quickly! Let us see you becoming a Super Senior Entrepreneur!



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