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Lemon Water - A Powerful Drink

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Do you have a lemon tree? If not you might consider getting one even if you grow it in a pot!

Drinking a glass of lemon water every day will get you going! Lemon water is a simple and very surprisingly healthy internal cleanser and a wonderful way to start your day.

Some people like to drink the lemon water in filtered water some like it at room temperature others like it a little warm or even mixed in hot water. It makes a great dink in the summer months CHILLED!

Rather than use a product that is store brought, it is far better to use real lemons and juice then yourself rather than lemon juice concentrate as most of those products can often contain sulphites, which is a preservative that some people have a negative reaction to. Also the natural enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins are most likely to be lost in the manufacturing process.

It is very unfortunate but our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day . Theses toxins are found in the water supply, the air, food, shampoo, some cosmetics, pesticides and more. It goes with saying that all TOXINS can have harmful effects on the body, toxins are said to be harmful to the metabolism, hormones, the digestive system, and they will lower energy levels.

A daily drink that could help you detoxify, improve digestion, boost the metabolism and energy levels.

Start the day, every morning with a glass lemon water

How to make a very simple and quick cool drink

Grab a lemon

Cut it in half and squeeze the juice into a glass - get as must of the lemon as posible

Remove the seeds

Pour water over the juice

Sip it, drink it, enjoy it

Three benefits of drinking lemon water every day

The health promoting benefits of lemons are powerful.

It has been known for a long time that lemons contain very powerful antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting components and they are very good for the digestive system and a liver cleanser. Fresh lemons contain a bunch of good things like citric acid, magnesium, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, pectin, calcium and limonene, all of which assist in keeping the immunity levels high so that the body is able to fight infection.

What are the most alkalizing foods? Lemons! Some might wonder, as lemons are acidic on their own. In the body however lemons are alkaline as we understand it the citric acid does not create acidity after it has been metabolized.

The minerals in lemons actually helps to alkalize the blood. Interestingly the drinking of warm lemon water assists reduce overall acidity, drawing uric acid from the joints. Which can reduce some of the pain and inflammation which a number of people may experience. It is recommend that drinking warm lemon water helps keep the bowel in order.

The benefits
Improves digestion:

Lemon juice assists the body improve digestion and stimulates bile production. Lemon water can also be help with heartburn and indigestion.

Boosts energy:

Drinking lemon Water has a detoxifying effect and alkalizing effect assisting is improving energy levels through the removal of unwanted toxins from the body. It is said that even the smell or scent of lemon juice can improve moods and energy levels, plus reduce anxiety.

Can Helps with Fat Loss

As lemon juice assists to improve the digestive system, helps in removal of toxins, and increases energy levels, the body is in better shape, thus with all these thing combined this all helps lose body fat.


"Great to see the article about water lemon. It's so true and great that you bring it to your readers attention. I actually lost 4.3Kg in just over a month by replacing meals with water and lemon slices. I also do a lot of exercise but when you want to loose weight, the quantity and quality of food accounts for 90% of the results. Sometimes I also put a slice of apple in a 600 ml glass of water and when I finish drinking the water I eat the lemon slice and the apple slice."

Name withheld

Lemon Drink and the Cold

A good old-fashioned lemon drink can sometimes help dealing with the effects of a cold or flu. However as much of the goodness in a lemon is in the pith or white flesh just under the skin here is a great way to extract that and get some real power into that lemon drink.

The pith is not only high in fiber that may help lower cholesterol levels but also contains as much vitamin C as the fruit itself. Using the pith will give extra zest in cooking and hot lemon drinks but be warned it can be very strong so test out how much to use, especially if preparing a meal for guests. you do not want to blow them away with too much bitterness.

1. Cut the lemon in half as usual and extract the juice

2. Cut the ends off the remaining lemon skin and cut into quarters

3. Boil the lemon pieces in about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of water for about 15 to 20 minutes

4. Add to the original juice with any of the following: ginger, honey and/or red wine.

5. In this state the drink is very powerful and can taste very strong and bitter. However add some fresh mint leaves to add extra goodness, fresh taste as well as dilute the bitterness.

Using Lemon in Cooking

As the pith of the lemon has the most intense flavour try adding whole sliced lemon in stews and curry dishes; indeed anything where the taste lemon is required.

Slice a whole lemon into pieces 2 to 3 mm thick and store in the freezer for when it is required.

Use in this way when preparing Lemon Chicken, Moroccan Chicken and even in beef and lamb stews.

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