Getting Social With Senior Week

Getting Social - With Seniors Week

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Every year in March New South Wales sets aside time to its senior citizens, honouring them as very important members of a 'society for all ages'. Other states also have many Seniors events for their senior citizens.

This is one of the largest events for seniors in Sydney celebrating their lives, achievements and their continued involvement in society.

Put it on your calendar, and the fridge as a reminder because this is a time when government and the community join hands hosting special events in varying fields, like great entertainment, health, fitness, wellness art, technology, and sport.

All designed to help motivate seniors to participate and remain independent, healthy and active!

March in Sydney - Seniors week! Is your time! It is a definitely a wake-up call that shouts out to everyone that seniors should not be relegated to the fringes of society. This very special week helps spread the awareness that us seniors continue to contribution to society and we are essential.

This past year, seniors were recognised and honoured with the presentation of Local Achievement Awards for our invaluable contribution to our communities - a great gesture that truly validates the role seniors play in society!

This link takes you to the NSW Seniors week website and it tells you everything!

The total calendar of events, the days, dates and times are all listed, and you are invited to partake in the festivities. Concerts, laughter workshops, walking tours, fitness workshops, film screenings, social media workshops, cultural debates and more. These are just a few of the events that are exceedingly popular with the senior community.

The Sydney Seniors week helps encourage positivity in personality and disposition, it helps motivate seniors to stay active, fit and keep healthy.

We Seniors do understand and we realise the importance of keeping our minds active and keeping pace with the world, we like to dance, sing and smile and enjoy life today and while we are young at heat still get a thrill form the good old days with music and movies of yesteryear!

It is well-known that being a senior in Australia is fun! Travel, Social and Entertainment is prolific. Join one of the local Seniors Clubs soon.










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