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Beetroot, Apple, Ginger and Ice Zinger

Delicious and Nutritious Beetroot Juice zinger

Beetroot is one of the best nutritious foods one can consume! As the food is loaded with fibre, minerals, and vitamin and they are very rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Some of the benefits of consuming or drinking beet juice on a regular basis:

Beetroot can help Lower blood pressure

Beetroot can help speed up detoxification

Beetroot has been known to Combat cancer

beetroot can help boost libido

Beetroot is known to help increase mental health

Beetroot can assist on improving stamina and endurance

Beetroot will provide slow-acting energy

Beetroot is a very underestimated vegetable, a great way to get more beetroot into the diet is by the way of a tasty drink!

Beetroot on its own can be a little much to munch on or drink, this beetroot juice zinger combines the sweetness of apple juice, the tangy taste of ginger and of course the beetroot. This very tasty drink provides fibre a plenty, a great midmorning beverage to help curb appetite. The benefit of the ginger, it has fantastic anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that assist in boosting immunity and keep the body healthy!

What's needed?

A couple of apples

one larger beetroot

About a thumb size piece of ginger


Putting it together

For those that have a juicer, cut the beetroot into smaller pieces, place them into the juicer with the cut ginger pieces and juice. Next, peal the apples, cut them into pieces (quarters) do not use the core and add that to the mix. To finish it off add ice.

Chilled and ready to drink ENJOY!

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