Aussie Over Fifties AO50 Seniors Guide

The Aussie Over 50s Guide!

A Helpful Resources Guide Dedicated to the Over 50s!

Time to be Out There Doing!

Within this website you will find ideas and information on travel, social, hobbies, health, retirement and various types of needed services as well as recipes, friendship clubs, tours, games, holidays, fun social trips, accommodation, clubs, senior's discounts, and much more.

About Over 50 is an online guide for those that are 50 PLUS, people that are still working, working part time or casual, volunteers, retired or semi-retired and are looking to get involved with others for fun things to do.

It is time to be out and using all your gained experience, and spending some of those accumulated dollars, trying out new adventures, making new friends and doing all those things you have always wanted to do!


Opportunities to be Doing!

We have lived and are living in a very exciting time, we have seen men landing on the moon, the invention of television, rocket trains, the expansion of supermarkets, the clothes we wear, the change from pounds, shillings and pence to the dollar, mobile phones and the invention of the internet.

On the following pages with a simple click of a mouse you will be taken even further into your future; you will be able to read interesting articles, learn about healthy living and presented with opportunities to travel, buy Australian products and services and more.

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